Business Development & Strategic Introductions & Relationships

ILG brings the rolodex of its professionals from doing business over the last 40 years to its clients. If you’ve ever wanted to get in front of a potential business partner, or want to know how best to succeed once you’re there, ILG can help to open doors and make your sales pitch more targeted and more meaningful to give you the best opportunity to “close the deal.” Even if we don’t know your target, we often will know someone who does and can work with them to bring you the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

This service is not available to anyone, but it is at the very core of our selective client approach. Before we put our credibility on the line we work with clients to develop a message/approach that is backed up by the appropriate experience and past results. By working hard to maintain our credibility we preserve the value of our introductions for our clients. We welcome the opportunity to discuss business opportunities with you.