Our approach to Government Affairs & Lobbying is simple: understand our clients’ needs, create a forward-thinking and custom strategy, and aggressively pursue results. This approach, backed by years of experience and strong relationships with government officials and staff, has proven successful time and again in both ILG’s general government affairs representation and lobbying efforts.

Within our Government Affairs practice, we focus on delivering prompt and detailed information to clients regarding any developments in local, state, or federal laws or regulations that may affect their business. In addition, we advise clients on how their business may be affected and what steps to take to either prepare for the change in the law, or change the law itself.

That’s where our lobbying efforts come in. Our team is fortunate to have strong relationships throughout local and state governmental bodies to not only understand which officials or government staff to approach with a client’s issue, but how to effectively deliver that message.

Moreover, at ILG we understand that every client and issue is different and do not hesitate to depend on our web of connections to ensure that we form the best team for a particular result.

Please feel free to contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to represent you.