About Us

Although the Ioppolo Law Group was formed in 2010, it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for 15 years. The attorneys and business consultants at ILG have seen a lot of lawyers and law firms during our respective careers, both in our years of private practice and as clients. The best all seemed to share an uncommon understanding of their clients’ businesses. This “business-centric” approach to lawyering is the essence of ILG.

What sets us apart from other law firms, no matter the size, is our experience as business people. Each of the attorneys and business consultants at ILG has held business and legal positions in public companies or private companies. We haven’t just “drafted documents”; we’ve hired and fired outside attorneys. We know the difference between a “legal” memo and a business “solution”, because we’ve been the client.

Our approach to client service relies heavily on getting to know our clients and their businesses. We strive to proactively give clients both what they ask for and what they need (but may not yet have asked for). We pride ourselves on working smarter, so we can deliver a top quality result for a reasonable and appropriate cost.

This type of lawyering requires a higher level of personal engagement. To make sure that all our clients receive this special attention, we are very selective in the clients we accept and the matters on which we work. We know that results, not effort, are the measure of success clients care most about. So we jealously guard our time, our relationships and our resources, so that we have the full measure of commitment available to apply to each client’s goal.

We hope that you will consider working with the ILG team on your most important matters. For a consultation, we welcome you to call us at (407) 444-1004.

Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr.
Managing Member