Strategic Business Planning

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on the allocation of its resources of time, talent and money to pursue this strategy. Whether you’re a small business that wants to move past the start up phase and begin to manage your business towards a predetermined goal rather than meeting this week’s payroll, or a more mature business that needs to refocus its strategy, reinvent its image in the new economy, or re-energize itself and break out of the same old way of doing things while things are still working, ILG can help.

Because ILG’s professionals have real legal and business experience, we’ve dealt with these issues as lawyers and as businessmen. We’ve dealt with the issues of management change, employee expansion or reduction, branding and rebranding, adding or creating new businesses to the mix, adding or removing investment capital, and planning for exit strategies. We’ve dealt with these issues as lawyers advising clients, as clients operating businesses and as corporate officers managing multimillion dollar enterprises for public companies. We bring legal, financial, human resources, marketing, technology and investor relations experience to bear on your issues. Together with our strategic relationships with other professionals, we can design and manage a team targeted for your express needs.

ILG can help you:

  • Clarify your strategic business objectives and align your sales & marketing plans and business processes;
  • Develop a strategic plan for your business and help to implement and monitor key elements to allow you to manage for success;
  • Define and implement business growth strategies;
  • Define and implement succession planning strategies;
  • Establish and manage high-value investor relations;
  • Define and implement business exit strategies;
  • Use website information design principles to align Internet sales & marketing activities with your strategic objectives;
  • Increase your online visibility and use of the Internet to gather market or customer intelligence or drive sales;
  • Implement and configure actionable Web analytics and provide reporting and analysis;
  • Promote your website and your strategic messaging using permission-based, hosted email marketing and social media tools;
  • Provide project management resources to ensure that new systems and processes achieve your strategic business objectives, that your business processes are tightly integrated and efficient, and that development, integration and operating costs are contained; and
  • Analyze how, when and if to expand or contract your business to take advantage of market opportunities or survive the tough times.

Every business and every issue is different. Challenges presented today are not remediable by a one size fits all approach. ILG brings an individualized focus to the select clients it works with so that our experience is deployed to address your issues as a member of your team. We work with you to turn your business challenges into opportunities.