Business & Corporate Law

Our corporate practice provides sophisticated and practical representation and business advice to entrepreneurs, privately held businesses of all sizes, and public corporations both large and small. We act as strategic partners in assisting our clients with the legal issues encountered in business formation as well as everyday business operations.

What sets us apart from other law firms, no matter the size, is our experience as business people. Each of the attorneys and business consultants at the Ioppolo Law Group has held business and legal positions in public companies or private companies. We haven’t just “drafted documents”; we’ve hired and fired outside attorneys. We know the difference between a “legal” memo and a business “solution,” because we’ve been the client. We’ve taken risks, enjoyed the rewards, or taken our lumps.

Our corporate services include:

  • Assistance in the initial business formation planning, including choosing the appropriate jurisdiction for business formation, selecting the appropriate business entity, and structuring the entity so that it is appropriate for the client’s objectives
  • Preparing subscription and stockholder/member/partner agreements, including buy-sell agreements and voting, proxy and control agreements
  • Documenting initial capitalization and financing arrangements of the founders
  • Providing advice, and preparing plans and agreements, regarding executive compensation, employment and non-compete arrangements, for directors, management and employees
  • Preparing term sheets and letters of intent for a variety of business transactions
  • Developing agreements to protect inventions, ideas, intellectual property and confidential information
  • Advising with respect to distribution, customer and vendor agreements
  • Helping to resolve founder/stockholder/member/partner/employee and other disputes
  • Assisting with board, management and stockholder/member/partner meetings
  • Providing advice and assistance concerning director and officer, as well as member and partner, limitation of liability, indemnification and insurance issues

Our lawyers have represented clients in many segments of industry, including media communications, advertising (on and offline), affiliate marketing, hospitality, healthcare, affordable housing, restaurant and food services, retail, investment banking, finance, real estate co-investment, technology transactions and many others.

Our approach to client service relies heavily on getting to know our clients and their businesses. We strive to proactively give clients both what they ask for and what they need (but may not yet have asked for). We pride ourselves on working smarter, so we can deliver a top quality result for a reasonable and appropriate cost.