The ILG Difference

We know business
We bring business experience and judgment to all areas of the law.

All business is personal
To provide quality advice and counsel, we take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses.

Deal Makers
In today’s fast moving and complex business world, deal makers must be creative problem solvers, capable of harnessing business, legal and non-legal resources.

It’s who you know
Opportunities don’t wait for a knock on the door. Success comes from finding opportunities others miss or taking advantage of opportunities others can’t. Relationships are the grease that opens these doors. We use our relationships to help our clients get business and close deals.

We work smarter, and harder
Successful businessmen know that success comes as much from working smart as it does from working hard. Getting the desired result is only a success if the cost of obtaining it is appropriate. We leverage technology, relationships and a flat organizational structure to work efficiently for our clients so they get the result they want for a price that makes business sense.

We want to be your first call
Whether it’s 2:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the morning, we want to be your first call. And we will be there, ready to devote our full time and attention to your matter.

Tenacious advocates
There are times to reach consensus, times to compromise, and times to go all in. Whether you need a consensus builder, a diplomat or a prizefighter, you need lawyers who have the skills to wear any hat, sometimes at the same time. We promise to make your fight, our fight, but never to get so caught up in “the fight” that we forget what winning looks like for you.

For a select clientele
We recognize that to do our best work, we must carefully select our clients. We look for creative business people who have integrity. We look for people who are smart and good to work with. We look for projects that are exciting. For these clients, we must then ask ourselves if we have the right skills and experience to provide top quality advice. Forming a business relationship is as much about a client’s desire to work with us, as it is our desire to work with you.