Social Media & Use of Internet Advertising Strategies

ILG’s professionals have extensive experience in using the internet and its many tools including search, email, social media, websites, driving calls to call centers, etc. to improve your reach, communicate your message, increase your sales, develop market intelligence or create new revenue streams. Over the last 4 years, Frank Ioppolo, Jr. and Richard Bruner, have held business and legal positions at one of the fastest growing internet advertising companies in the country. They’ve worked extensively with many companies on projects in these areas. Mr. Ioppolo was recently on a panel discussing the impact of social media in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

ILG brings these business experiences, together with an extensive rolodex of industry contacts and relationships and knowledge of advertising and Internet law, to your matters. Let ILG work with you and your business in designing your strategies and choosing the most appropriate partners to accomplish your goals in these areas.