We define Lobbying as a more specific goal oriented pursuit than Government Affairs. Naturally, lobbying entails government affairs, as it is imperative to keep clients informed of any legislative or regulatory developments. However, as noted in our Government Affairs section, we will keep our services at the Government Affairs level unless and until lobbying is necessary.

Similar to our approach to Government Affairs, we find it imperative to understand our clients’ business issues as-good or better than they do. This gives us the ability to communicate the issue effectively and allows us to create a customized plan and understand who it is we need to communicate the issue to.

We feel that our firm separates itself from other lobbying firms in three areas: 1) our real legal and business backgrounds; 2) our organized and prompt responsiveness; and 3) our willingness to form coalitions. Our legal and business backgrounds allow us to understand issues better, communicate the issues better to our audience, and give better advice. Our organized and prompt responsiveness sets us apart from the many lobbying firms that leave clients waiting and wondering. In addition to keeping our lines of communication open 24/7, we send out regimented status updates that reveal meetings we’ve had, follow up communications, and dates of any planned or proposed upcoming meetings. Finally, our willingness to form coalitions sets us apart. We are laser-focused on our clients’ goals and if it means we need to structure our agreement to add a different firm who may be closer with a particular official or better suited for a particular issue, we will be the first to speak up.

Moreover, at ILG we focus our lobbying efforts in the tri-county area—that is, in Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties. We lobby those officials, staff, boards, and authorities that we interact with on a daily basis. For state issues, we often consult with our strategic partners—Ballard Partners, a firm second to none in legislative and executive branch lobbying in Tallahassee. We were proud to form our strategic partnership with Ballard Partners in February of 2014. You can learn more about Ballard Partners at www.ballard-partners.com.