Ioppolo Law Group

Ioppolo Law Group has some of the most uniquely experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in the country on matters related to advertising. We’ve handled all types of business transactions and legal disputes typical to advertisers, including licensing and distribution agreements, online and offline advertising and marketing agreements, false and deceptive advertising claims, trademark infringements, and copyright infringements. We’ve also been responsible for auditing, developing, and managing compliance programs, policies and procedures for several online marketing companies. Our clients include advertising agencies, affiliate networks, direct marketers, email marketers, Internet marketers, mobile marketers, telemarketers and call centers, and promotional agencies.

What distinguishes us from other law firms is that our attorneys have more than 6 years’ experience as in-house attorneys and business professionals for MarketLeverage Interactive Advertising, Inc., a leading performance-based marketing company that builds online and offline marketing campaigns, operates an affiliate network, and advertises marketing campaigns online and offline through a multitude of distribution channels, including the Web, email, search, call centers, and mobile devices. Many lawyers know the law but have a hard time understanding the day-to-day business realities of their clients. Our direct, hands-on legal and business experience gives us an extraordinary and practical understanding of business and advertising.

Don’t assume you can’t afford the legal help you need with your advertising and marketing matters. We offer a variety of payment options, including an hourly rate, a fixed project-based fee, or a monthly retainer relationship. Whichever method you choose, you will have access to an experienced attorney who knows your business area inside and out.

If you have an advertising-related matter and you think Ioppolo Law Group can help, we welcome you to call us at (407) 444-1004.

Online and offline advertising compliance and clearance.

Ioppolo Law Group has extensive experience reviewing advertising materials and advising its clients on compliance with federal and state laws and regulations relating to advertising. Our goal is not only to provide legal advice designed to help our clients avoid government investigations and costly litigation related to false and deceptive advertising, but to also work with our clients to generate powerful and effective sales copy. We provide creative solutions to legal obstacles. Ioppolo Law Group regularly reviews and advises on all types of advertising materials for our clients, including emails, banners, websites, print ads, direct mail ads, telephone scripts, and promotions. Our attorneys have advised a broad range of businesses in this area, including advertising agencies, direct marketers, advertisers and merchants, email marketers, affiliate networks, telemarketers, and website owners.

Sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions.

Ioppolo Law Group has substantial knowledge of the federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to sweepstakes and contests, from initial conception to post-promotion activities, including:

  • Structuring promotions to achieve clients’ goals and to comply with U.S. laws;
  • Drafting the terms and conditions of a promotion to protect client interests;
  • Where necessary, registering promotions in states and procuring surety bonds;
  • Reviewing advertisements and marketing materials, including direct mail,
    email, banners, and websites, related to the promotion;
  • Assisting clients in awarding prizes and preparing affidavits of eligibility
    and liability releases; and
  • Managing and handling complaints regarding a promotion.

Advertising and marketing agreements.

Ioppolo Law Group has successfully negotiated and drafted hundreds of advertising and marketing agreements. We’ve worked with a broad range of businesses, including both online and offline advertisers and merchants, advertising agencies, affiliate networks, both online and offline publishers, email marketers, and telemarketers.


Ioppolo Law Group works with businesses and call centers engaged in telemarketing throughout the United States. Our services include, among others, advising on compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule requirements, drafting uniform disclosure statements, drafting telemarketing agreements, telemarketing private litigation defense, and representing clients who are under investigation from federal or state regulatory authorities.

Deceptive advertising by competitors

With respect to false or deceptive advertising by a competitor, Ioppolo Law Group makes and defends challenges before the National Advertising Division and the National Advertising Review Board, as well as engages in private litigation to address false or deceptive advertising under the Lanham Act. If a competitor engages in false and deceptive advertising, remedies may be available under federal law, including injunctive relief, disgorgement of profits, and monetary damages to fund corrective marketing.

Federal and state government investigations

Ioppolo Law Group has experience representing clients involved in federal and state government investigations or enforcement actions related to false and deceptive advertising and other unfair or unauthorized marketing practices.