Emergency/Crisis Response

Business never sleeps. It doesn’t wait for tomorrow or for a more convenient time. When a crisis erupts in your business you want to know that you can find your attorney and that he has experience in navigating the complex maze of legal, risk management, public relations and operational issues. This often involves marshalling a team of inside and outside advisors with experience in these areas. The attorneys and consultants of ILG bring not only the legal and risk management experience to these difficult times, but also years of experience as business people who have been asked to make the difficult decision and deal with the crisis’ public relations and management impacts. Understanding that crisis gives rise to liability in both the court of law and the court of public opinion requires a decision that is based on more than just case law. Staying silent may be the safest (and easiest) course of action from a risk management perspective, but is it the right one for the business overall? Defending your business reputation may be equally important if you business is to continue and grow in the future. These business issues need more than legal answers, they need business solutions that take into account more than just the law. We believe that ILG’s combination of attorneys and business consultants are uniquely positioned to assist clients under these circumstances.