Negotiation Services

Whether you’re a fortune 50 corporation or a small company looking at a transaction that can take your business to the next level, there are times when you want a professional negotiator, a hired gun, in your corner. Whether it’s a bet the company deal or a make or break the company transaction, the difference between success and failure isn’t whether you can get the deal done, but whether you can get the right deal done. It takes patience, experience, skill, preparation, legal knowledge and business experience. Experience that doesn’t just include which provisions to put in the agreement, but what happens in the real world after the transaction is closed. How do you make sure you have the right tools to get the value out of what you think you just got in negotiation?

Our lawyers and business consultants have over 50 years of experience in structuring and negotiating these types of transactions. Whether it’s buying an island from a foreign government, selling a business or a technology, selling a building, writing legislation, creating a cutting edge public private partnership that transforms the crossroads of the world, buying a billion dollars worth of cruise ships, starting a cruise line or a timeshare business, striking a deal with a professional sports team, negotiating economic incentives or negotiating the right terms for a financial investment in your company, we can help you.

We offer our negotiation services as part of our legal representation or separate from our legal services. Let us help you get the right deal done.