Government Affairs

Here at ILG we prefer to separate “government affairs” from “lobbying.” We’ve found that by doing so, we can provide our clients with more cost-effective and efficient representation.

At bottom, we define government affairs representation as the service of informing clients of any developments in laws or regulations that could affect their business coupled with applicable business guidance. Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of the legal and regulatory curve to maintain flexibility and to have the ability to make the most informed business decisions. We find that the fluctuating nature of our local, state, and federal legal and regulatory structures can severely affect an existing business’s day to day operations or a new or forming business’s corporate structure and strategy. We also find that businesses within regulated industries, in particular, expend too much of their resources trying to stay compliant with laws when their resources can be better spent on what they are good at—running their business.

To accomplish our goal of keeping our clients “ahead of the curve,” our team maintains its strong connections to local, state, and federal government officials and staff and relies on its knowledge of government processes. We also rely on our real legal and business background to help identify issues and more importantly advise clients on how to handle such issues. We make it our job to find out what is happening before it happens so that our client can make informed and proactive decisions. Finally, we make it a point to let our contacts at the relevant level(s) of government know that our client is a good corporate citizen and is ready and willing to go the extra mile to be compliant and responsive to government requests. We’ve found that by doing so, we are significantly more successful in our pursuit of information and advising based on that information.

All too often companies keep lobbying teams on retainer when there either is nothing to lobby or when lobbying would not be the cost effective approach. Let the ILG team use our business and legal backgrounds, relationships with government officials and staff, and intimate knowledge of government processes to help your business adapt to policies, stay compliant with laws, and make proactive and informed decisions.