Operational Issues

Business operations are often as much a result of the personal preference of employees together with the accidental coincidence of those preferences working memorialized by a communal desire of everyone to get along, rather than a deliberate process that determines what works most efficiently for the business while minimizing risk and maximizing return. How often have you heard people in your own organization, large or small, say “I don’t know why we have to do this but legal or accounting or sales, or marketing, wants it…” This situation is usually allowed to persist until there is a mistake made that hurts the business, the financial performance of the company or the division begins to decline or the business is subject to new management, either as the result of an outside hire or some type of acquisition. When the light of day shines on the collection of personal preferences, fiefdom protecting activities and dysfunction, we are often shocked to find out what we can do without, how things can change and be improved, and the financially positive impact a fresh look can have on the business operations of an organization.

ILG can help you address this situation. ILG’s professionals have been the entrepreneurs and executives of businesses and business divisions, large and small. We’ve been on both sides of this operational issue and been charged with correcting it. By bringing our real experience to your company, we can assist you with that fresh look and an operational redesign that can help your company improve its operations and its financial performance.