Commercial Transactions

The day-to-day operation of any business often involves a number of small or necessary transactions which form the lifeblood of the business. Whether it’s the acquisition of materials, the retention of customers, the sale of products or services, the securing of rights or the development or licensing of intellectual property, creative businessmen need creative lawyers. We don’t just look for a “form,” we work with clients to understand the unique, or in some cases not so unique, aspects of each commercial transaction, and work to customize a cost-effective solution that works for them. In some cases, the solution may be developing a system, procedure and related forms to document recurring transactions quickly and professionally each time. In other cases, it is ensuring that the unique nature of a transaction isn’t missed purely for the sake of fitting into someone else’s ready-made form.

Our attorneys have a broad background in transactional agreements, legal compliance and risk management in connection with day-to-day business operations and dispute resolution. Often, their threshold responsibility is to identify legal issues, after which they coordinate the assistance of the relevant personnel from the client, together with experts inside and outside of the firm, as necessary to reach appropriate resolution.

ILG attorneys have represented clients in joint venture transactions involving millions of dollars. Our joint venture practice focuses on structuring, negotiating and documenting joint venture relationships and strategic alliance arrangements formed for a variety of purposes.

Representative transactional experience in these areas includes the following:

  • Representation of foreign investor in US joint venture in the technology and adverting areas.
  • Development and negotiation of hundreds of contracts between advertisers, publishers and an affiliate network for online advertising.
  • Representation of advertising agencies in their day-to-day operations.
  • Representation of email marketing and list management agreements.
  • Representation of businesses in the licensing of their software or technology.
  • Representation of businesses in their agreements to provide service.